No two home buyers are exactly alike and every individual will have different financing needs. Utilizing my expertise gives you access to more than 40 lenders including Canada’s largest banks, credit unions, Trust Companies and private lenders. I give you unbiased advice and take the time to go through all your financing options. I am committed to finding you the best mortgage available for your needs. 

Self Employed – Stated Income Programs

Don’t earn enough on paper to qualify for the mortgage you want? I work with a lot of self-employed borrowers who may qualify for a stated income mortgage where the normal qualifying process is reversed. Rather than qualifying on your personal net income, we state your income at the amount we need to qualify and then use your assets and financial statements to build the case for that income. In these cases, it is important to work with a broker who understands how to present these mortgages to lenders and I am experienced in this field. 

Purchase plus Improvements 

Did you know that you can finance your home improvements when you purchase a property? This program is very popular for those looking to update their residence prior to moving into it. It is available for purchases with as little as 5% down and is a great way to turn your home purchase into your dream home purchase. 

Construction Loans

Looking at building your dream home? Construction loans are very different from regular mortgages and require solid advice and experience to make sure they are set up ensuring you have enough funds to get to project completion. Many times clients have run out of money during their build and then came to me when the bank wouldn’t advance any more funds. With the right product and planning to begin with this can be avoided.

Home Equity Line of Credit

I process a lot of HELOC’s for clients to serve many purposes including investing in real estate or other investments, home improvements, debt consolidation, raising cash for a business and many other reasons. If you are looking to access the equity in your property through a HELOC, I can show you the easiest and most cost effective options to do so. 

Non-Income Qualified Mortgages

Do you have a high net worth but a low income on paper and are having trouble getting the financing you need? I have access to a number of lenders with excellent net-worth programs that will allow you access to traditional financing programs at great rates. 

Non-Resident financing

If you are a non-resident, you may qualify to purchase a residence or rental property with 35% down payment. I have access to many different programs for these types of purchases.

New to Canada financing

If you are a new immigrant looking to settle into Canada and purchase a residence or investment property, I can help. There are a number of programs available, some that require no income verification, and some that allow for as little as 5% down payment. 


If you are facing any of the scenarios above, or have been told NO by your bank for any reason, get in touch or fill out an application today and lets find a solution!